Based on our long-lasting experience, we provide the following services:

Management consultancy
-    Budget forecasting
-    Short/long-terms loans in emerging markets
-    Business analysis on financial statements and budgets
-    Statutory audit
-    Internal audit
-    Other specific audit
-    Bookkeeping
-    VAT
-    Preparation of financial and economic statements
-    Financial reporting and controlling
-    Voluntary accounts audits
Labour consultancy and payroll
-    Job contracts
-    Personnel management
-    Monthly salary statements
-    Labour cost-planning
-    Social security and withholding tax matter and calculations
-    Labour tax-returns
Legal and commercial consultancy
-    Ordinay and extraordinary (mergers, divisions, liquidation, joint-ventures etc.)
-    Opinions on company acts and financial statements
-    Contract negotiations
-    Business law
-    Setting of the Board of Director’s and Shareholders’ meeting minutes
-   Chamber of Commerce and “Agenzia delle Entrate” (tax Authority) fulfilments
-    VAT and Tax returns
-    Opinions and estimates on tax effects
-    Tax-planning
-    Fiscal check-up
-    Expatriates tax services
-    Tax due diligence
-    Tax compliance review